5 HVAC Maintenance Items for Changing Seasons

5 HVAC Maintenance Items for Changing Seasons     It’s officially fall! Which means it’s practically Halloween. Which means it’s almost Thanksgiving. So it’s basically Christmas. Okay I got a little ahead of myself… But the seasons are definitely changing, and that makes it the perfect time to check up on your HVAC system. Don’t

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allergies on a plane

Traveling with Allergies

Traveling with Allergies Life with allergies can be tough in the best of circumstances. When you live with allergies or conditions like asthma that can be exacerbated by allergies, you learn quickly to control your environment. You keep your home as allergen free as possible. You avoid places you know will cause problems. You learn

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puppy with allergies

Do Pets Have Allergies?

Do Pets Have Allergies? Our pets are a huge part of our lives. They’re our best friends, our family members, our babies. Some of us even like them more that people, but that’s a different story. The point is, they’re important to us. And if you don’t believe me, I have numbers. In 2015, the

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Energy efficient house

4 Benefits of Changing Your Furnace Filter

4 Benefits of Changing Your Furnace Filter Better Indoor Air Quality Your furnace filter is responsible for trapping all of the particles floating around in the air in your home before it recirculates that air back to you. We’re talking things like dust, dirt, pet dander and dust mites. Not only are those things gross

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