Magnet Expandable Filter replacement for Aprilaire 413


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  • Patent Pending Design
  • Made by Magnet
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This Magnet replacement filter replaces the Aprilaire 413 filter. The filter is an expandable filter similar to the OEM Aprilaire filter. The filter also has a MERV 13 efficiency rating.

It comes packaged with assembly instructions and 4 wire supports. The wire supports are to be inserted in the indicated notches on each end of the filter. Once all of the wire supports are inserted, then the filter is ready to be installed. (See assembly instruction video below for demonstration.)

Fits the following Aprilaire air cleaner models:

  • 2400 after upgrading with 1413 media upgrade kit
  • 2140 after upgrading with 1413 media upgrade kit
  • 4400 with air cleaner control
  • 1410, 1610, 2410, 3410 without air cleaner control

Fits the following Source 1 air cleaner models:

  • S1-TM13PAC1625A
  • S1-YM13PAC1625A
  • S1-TM10PAC1625A

Made by Magnet
Patent Pending



This product is not manufactured or distributed by Research Products Corporation, owner of the registered trademark Aprilaire.