Magnet EXPXXFIL0320 Expandable Filter replacement for EZ Flex (MERV 13) – Pack of 25


  • $21.47 each
  • Sold in quantities of 25
  • Made by Magnet
  • Patent Pending

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The Magnet EXPXXFIL0320 is an expandable filter that has a MERV 13 efficiency rating. These filters are sold in quantities of 25 and each filter comes packaged with assembly instructions and 4 wire supports. The wire supports exist to keep the filter in rigid form so it can slide into the cabinet easily. View assembly instruction video below.

Fits the following models:

  • EXPXXUNV0020
  • EXPUNV0320
  • EZXCABCC1020
  • EZXCABBB1020
  • EZXCABCC0020
  • EZXCABBB0020
  • EZXCAB1020
  • Also replaces EXPXXFIL0020.

Made by Magnet.
Sold in quantities of 25.
Patent Pending


This product is not manufactured or distributed by Carrier Corporation, owner of the registered trademark EZ Flex.