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Magnet collapsible filters can be purchased to replace Aprilaire OEM filters and EZ Flex OEM filters. The Magnet brand collapsible filter is a lower cost alternative to the OEM branded filters, but does not sacrifice quality. The filters can be purchased in MERV 11 and MERV 13 efficiencies. They are constructed with high quality filtration media and have chipboard end caps. To keep filters rigid, 4 wire supports are packed with every individual filter. All filters are packed in quantities of 25. Please visit the pages above to see full product offering for replacements for EZ Flex and Aprilaire brand replacement filters by Magnet.

Magnet Custom Size filters are made to fit your specific need. We cut the filter to the size you provide (within -/+ 1/16 of an inch). To order, simply choose the MERV rating and thickness, and then enter the exact dimensions of the filter you need.

Magnet Filters are not manufactured or distributed, nor are they endorsed, by the owners of the trademarks EZFlex or Aprilaire.